June 9, 2023 | Psalm 143 – A Heart in Distress





Psalm 143 – A Heart in Distress





Lord hear my prayer and listen to my plea

Do not find me guilty, Have mercy on me

For my enemy is trying to ravage my soul

He has trampled my life, seeking control



As those who have died, my spirit lacks hope

My heart within me is failing to cope

With the weight of dismay and the fear of sin

I recall me days and recoil within



So, I think of Your wonder and reflect on Your works

I stretch out my hands to where no evil lurks

My soul longs for answers only God can give

Answer me quickly so my spirit can live



Do not hide Your face from your servant Lord

Lest I die without hope and descend evermore

Give me Your love for I put trust in You

Help me see my way, as only You can do



Deliver me from harm, and lead me to joy

For You’ve been my God from my days as a boy

May Your Spirit descend to level ground

And guide me to the place where salvation is found



Remove my spirit from evil distress

May all of my days lead to righteousness

May Your generous love always silence my foes

Correct those who harm me and preserve my soul.