March 1, 2023 | Psalm 102 – Incline Your Ear



Psalm 102 – Incline Your Ear




Incline your ear to hear my cry, help me in my distress

Do not hide Your face from me, hear as I confess



My life has grown away from you, my heart has changed its course

What once was faithful, right and true now only comes through force.



I lie awake and question why a mighty God like you

Would care about a simple man whos qualities are few.



I am like a lonely sparrow lost and all alone

My foes shout curses, taunts and threats, my anger overgrown



But You, O Lord, forever hear the cries and the concern

Of all Your children young and old, who seem to never learn



That nations strong will fear the name of our almighty Lord

All their kings will dread Your triumph, all in one accord.



You will hear the groaning hearts who thought their hope was gone

And free all those souls doomed to die, scared and all alone



Jerusalem will shout Your honor, Your name forever praised

All of Zion will know of how Your rivals were amazed.



When you came from Your heavenly throne to save Your holy clan

All who still believe in You, every woman, every man.



For You are our creator Lord, the heavens are Your formation

Your years will have no end and yet You’ll still love Your creation.



The children of Your servants, Lord, shall dwell in You secure

From age to age Your glory shone as long as faith endures.