March 11, 2023 | Psalm 106 – Faithful God





Psalm 106 – Faithful God





Give thanks to God, for He is good, His steadfast love persists

How Blessed are the ones who follow Him in righteousness

Remember me O Lord and save me from the coming wrath

That I may then rejoice because You kept me on the path



All we, as sinners, must confess our sinfulness and shame

Just like our fathers from of old who daily did the same

Yet, as our God, You still forgive the sinner in despair

Who comes to You on bended knee with penitence laid bare



With mighty power You saved Your children from their enemies

Redeeming them as You had promised long before their pleas

Once You had saved, they sang for joy for mighty works displayed

But soon forgot your clemency and turned to deeds depraved



Your wrath would come for sinful acts of children without faith

They worshipped statues made of brass, of bullocks made in haste

Their Savior that they once had praised was now an afterthought

So God rebuked with mighty signs, a lesson to be taught.



God’s people soon despised the land that He had led them too

They lost their faith and murmured hate with every breath they drew

God then raised His hands and swore that He would make them fall

But still they kept their sinful ways and praised the god name Baal



They provoked the Lord to anger with their deeds of wretchedness

Becoming in their hearts unclean and lost in sinfulness

God gave them to the hands of those who proved to do them harm

Yet still they did not learn and chose instead to face the storm



God saved them from themselves but very soon they went astray

But still He looked on their distress and heard their great dismay

According to His love He yielded to their greatest needs

Remembering His covenant despite their evil deeds



Save us, O Lord, and gather us from every nation lost

That we might thank the one who recompensed the greatest cost

By giving us His Son who paid the price we never could

And gave to us a hope of turning sinfulness to good.