March 13, 2022 | Luke 13:31-35


Bible Study Luke 13:31-35


Ponder the fact that Jesus is unfazed by the message that Herod Antipas is out to kill him


Why do you think the Pharisees came to Jesus with this warning? Did they really wish to save Jesus from Herod’s grasp? Were they trying to frighten Him?


Jesus went so far as to call Herod a “fox”.  What did he mean by such an expression?


What was the goal that Jesus said he must reach?


What does Jesus have that allows him to move ahead with such clarity and sense of purpose, unconcerned about gathering threats? John 18:36, Luke 4:43, Luke 9:21


Where else do we see this in Scripture? Acts 21: 7-14


Do you believe you have this same gift in yourself?


What was the meaning of the words of Jesus when He said, “Surely, no prophet can die outside Jerusalem? Luke 2:36-38, John 8:59, John 10:39


What kind of heart and emotions does Jesus express through his lament in verse 34? Why?


Look through Matthew 23. Does this give us a better picture of the heart and emotions of Jesus at the time?


What is the house that Jesus is talking about in verse 35? Jeremiah 12:17, Luke 19:38


How can you draw on this sense of Presence, calm and strength more often, instead of being anxious and worried about the storms of life around you?


What are some of the threatening King Herod’s in our lives?


What goal does God have for us as a follower of Jesus?


Who are the “prophets” sent to us today?


Do we resist Jesus’ longing to gather me under his wings?  What are our reasons for resistance?