March 14, 2023 | Psalm 107 – Thank The Lord





Psalm 107 – Thank The Lord



Let the redeemed give thanks to God in Heaven for all His steadfast love

From North and South shout praises forth for blessings from above

May souls once lost who hunger now for love and purest grace

Give thanks unto the Holy One who satisfies in haste



Some sat in darkness faced with death, a prisoner in chains

For they had fought against our God and spurned His Godly ways

So God made all their hearts to bow, their cries reached God’s own ears

He heard their cries and saved them from a life of endless fears



He brought them out of darkness and then burst their bonds apart

Let them thank the God of goodness for the ways He plays His part

Some are fools with sinful ways, their sins cause pain and woe

But every time their cries are heard the Lord makes blessings flow



He sent His Word and healed them from destruction ever near

So may they offer ransom for their sins they once held dear

In tempest times God calms the storms and makes the waves stand still

So thank the Lord for all the squalls he quiets by His will



As we gather, one and all, to praise Him for His works

Rivers turn to desert, springs of water quench their thirst

And there He lets the hungry dwell to plant their fields anew

Sowing fields and vineyards, making blessings come to view



God raises up the needy from affliction, toil and pain

He magnifies their families and gives to them His name

The upright witness life renewed and lift their hearts in joy

May all the wise serve Him in love, may all their ways rejoice