March 16, 2023 | Psalm 109 – Hear Me Lord!





Psalm 109 – Hear me Lord!




Be not silent, O God!

As wicked ones speak lies against me

As words of hate encircle me

As enemies attack.



Be not silent, O God!

As adversaries do evil toward me

As false lips accuse me

As my love is rejected



Take action, O God!

Condemn those who derail me

Judge harshly those who forsake me

Let their prayer be regarded as sin



Take action, O God!

Cut short the days of those who mock me

Strike down those who scorn me

Take their riches as payment for their wickedness



Avenge me, O God!

Lead my adversaries to be far from me

Let them be rejected for their treatment of me

Make them to be blotted out of existence



Avenge me, O God!

Erase their memory within me

Cut their existence from me

Open a pathway away from my foes.



Condemn them, O God!

For they did not show kindness to me

Because they loved to curse me

May their blessings be few.



Condemn them, O God!

May no reward be given them because of me.

Give me revenge for those who speak evil against me.

May their reward be equal to their iniquity.



Love me, O God!

May Your affection be not far from me.

May Your guidance be before me

For Your steadfast love is good.



Love me, O God!

For depravity is always around me.

For my heart is stricken within me.

May I no more be an object of scorn.



Help me, O God!

Do what’s needed to save me.

Tell my enemies it is You that leads me.

Let them curse, but You will bless.



Help me, O God!

May gladness be in the heart of me.

May my accusers be dishonored before me.

Wrap their shame around them like a cloak.



Hear me, O God!

Hear the praise that comes from me.

Accept the thanks for your care of me.

Save me from those who condemn my soul to death.



Hear me, O God!

Satisfy the need within me.

Give aid to what ails me.

Provide me a path toward redemption.