March 21, 2021 | The Trial


Bible Study Question – Matthew 27:11-26

When Pilate asked Jesus if He was the kings of the Jews, why did say He was? Luke 22:70; 1 Timothy 6:13 What was He claiming?


Was this Jesus’ first meeting with Pilate? Luke 23:1-6


Why didn’t Jesus make any attempt to defend Himself as He stood before the Governor and the people? John 19:10


Why do you think Pilate was amazed at Jesus’ silence?


Pilate was evidently not alarmed by the charges brought against Jesus. Why?


What feast are they talking about in verse 15? John 18:39-40


What did the Jewish leaders envy in Christ? Verse 18; John 12:18-19


Just like today, the crowd was easily persuaded. Why do you think people so easily follow without knowing all the facts?


Barabbas was a notorious prisoner. His fame was most likely because of the severity of His crimes. What does this tell you about the fear the Jewish leaders had of Jesus? Explain. Mark 15:6-7


Were the Chief Priests thinking in worldly terms or spiritual ones? What do you think they thought?


Why do you think God would have warned Pilate’s wife in a dream and not Pilate himself? Why did God warn anyone at all?


What does it say about Pilate that he did not heed to his wife’s warning?……or did he? Verse 24


History shows us that Pilate was a cruel and ruthless man. Why do you think Pilate made such a spectacle of washing his hands in front of the people and telling them that he was innocent of Jesus’ blood?


What are the people really saying with the proclamation, “His blood be on us and on our children!”?


Pilate yielded to the Jews’ demands knowing it was wrong by his own conscience and sense of justice.

  1. Relate a time when you too gave in to appease others.
  2. How can you withstand the pressure others exert on you


What did scourging include? Verse 26; Isaiah 50:6, 53:5