March 28, 2021 | Triumph


Bible Study Questions – Mark 11:1-11

The section of Scripture represents a new section in Mark’s Gospel and it starts with Jesus’ Triumphant entry. Why is it proper to call it a triumph?


This was a purposeful act of Jesus to fulfill prophecy. Where do we find hints in the Old Testament? 2 Kings 9:13; Psalm 118:19-29; Zechariah 9:9


What was paradoxical (self-contradictory) about this scene?


In this scene Jesus comes riding in on a donkey (a common mount for Jewish kings) but when He comes again, Revelation says he will be riding a white charger (Revelation 19:11-16). Is there anything significant about this?


Jesus sent two of His disciples to get the colt. Why do you think He didn’t just go on His own?


Why was it important that it be a donkey that no one else had ridden? 1 Kings 1:32-35


The word kurious or “Lord” is unusual in the context of verse 3 because it implies “owner” yet points to Jesus. Why do you think Mark chose to use this word? (In verse 9 Mark uses the word adon for “Lord”)


Palm branches apparently represent victory. Where else do we here of their use to represent victory? Revelation 7:9-10


*Interesting note* This ritual was performed each year by the residents of Jerusalem at the feasts of Tabernacles and Passover for the bands of pilgrims approaching the city. This year the significance of the approaching King was fulfilled. ‘Hosanna'” The Hebrew idiom means “welcome Him.” It was part of the Hallel which was quoted every year as the pilgrims came to Jerusalem. It literally meant “save now” 2 Samuel 14:4


For most of His ministry, Jesus resisted having praise given to Him. Why does He invite it now? Luke 19:40


Why should verse 10 have made the Romans nervous? 2 Samuel 7: 1, 12, 16, 25-26; Hosea 3:5


If Jesus were among us today, would He receive a critical evaluation, or would He receive generous praise?


What do you think Jesus was thinking as He “looked around at everything” (Verse 11) Malachi 3:1-3


Why else was this scene a heroic one? John 11:57


Soon the crowds would turn on Him. How do we see this happening in the world today?


What is the principal lesson in this section of Scripture that you can use to tell others about Jesus?