March 3, 2023 | Psalm 104 – Great Is The Lord



Psalm 104 – Great Is The Lord




Great is the Lord!

                     Clothed in majesty

                                   Covered in light

                                    Stretching out to the heavens



The waters are His creation

                               The clouds His chariot

                                                    On the wind He rides

                               His ministers a flaming fire



The earth is set on His foundations

                                                   The deep He covers with a garment

                                                                                   Waters rising to mountain heights

                                              Thunder proclaiming their retreat



The mountains rise

                                                                The valleys sink to their appointed place

                                                        A boundary is set

                  A promise is kept



Springs gush forth into valleys

                               The beasts of the field are watered

                                                                From the heavens He dampens the mountains

The earth is satisfied



He causes the grass to grow

                                          The cattle are fed from its abundance

                   Plants also for man

                                             That he might bring forth food from the earth



The Trees benefit from His provision

                                     In them the birds find their home

                                            Mountains rise to shelter goats

                       Finding refuge in the rocks



The moon marks the seasons

         The Sun daily sets

                                                          Darkness and light are His creation

                             The forests a shelter at night



The young lion roars

                                        Laying down in dens with approval

                                           Man fulfills his obligations

          Until it is evening



Divinely varied are His works

                                              With celestial wisdom He has made all things

                                               The earth is filled with His imagination

                           The sea teaming with His handiwork



All creation looks up to Him

       Looking for sustenance

                               With open hands He provides

                                          When He hides His face they are dismayed



Death comes when breath is taken

  To dust do we return

           Creation renewed

His glory endures



With praise in our hearts we sing

     Our meditation to please

                                 The wicked to fade to nothing

                  All peoples bless the Lord!