March 7, 2023 | Psalm 105 – Wondrous Works



Psalm 105 – Wondrous Works






Let’s make known the wondrous works of our almighty Lord

Sing praises to the one whose deeds shall always be adored

Glory in the name of Him who yearns for those who seek

Praise the mighty Lord who rescues both the firm and meek



He is the Lord our God and His pure wisdom covers all

He remembers all the vows He made with us after the fall

With His children few in number He gave them victory

Over foes who sought to kill them, bringing them to bended knee



He summoned famine to the land and broke the chain of bread

Sending Joseph far away as slave where Israel feared to tread

But God Himself would make that man a wonder to behold

From slave to master satisfying covenants of old



God’s people went to Egypt where they hoped to find relief

Joseph’s Father Jacob bringing those who humbly still believed

What once was fruitful soon became a pain at Pharoah’s side

The people forced in slavery to serve the Pharoah’s pride



God then sent His servant Moses to set His people free

Performing signs of wonder so that they could clearly see

That our almighty God will free the captives who believe

Giving shelter to the victim and relief for those who grieve



His people all came out in Joy and reached the promised land

After forty years of wandering, led by God’s own mighty hand

He gave them lands of nations, overcoming every fight

That they might know His law and seek the ways to do things right