May 1, 2022 | John 21:1-19


Bible Study – John 21: 1-19


The Gospel seems to have a logical end with Chapter 20 but then chapter 21 adds one more account. Why do you think it was important for John to include this section in his book?


It’s interesting after all that has occurred that Peter and the others decide to go fishing. Why do you think they do this?


When Jesus asks the disciples to cast in their nets he provides in abundance. When has this happened before? John 2:1-11; John 6:1-14. Why do you think Jesus does this?


Why didn’t the disciples realize it was Jesus? (Vs.4) What made John realize it was the Lord? Why didn’t they dare ask Him who He was as they sat together for the last breakfast?


Could this great catch of fish be an analog to the other recorded great catch? Luke 5:4-11 How are they similar other than the great catch of fish? How are they different?


In what way could Jesus’ three-fold request to Peter be tied to Peter’s earlier denial of Him? John 18:17, 25-27.  Taking this into account, why do you think Peter is hurt in verse 21:17?


What is the possible difference in meaning between, “Feed my lambs,” “take care of my sheep,” and “Feed my sheep?” Are they a progression?


After his final “feed my sheep,” Jesus goes on to tell Peter: “Follow me.” What would following Jesus mean for Peter? Mark 1:17-19.


How does this passage offer insights into your own “betrayals” of Jesus? In what ways might he want to speak his probing question, “Do you love me?”, into your own life?


In what new and exciting ways might Jesus be calling you to follow him? In what ways could He be calling His family at Prince of Peace?