May 19, 2023 | Psalm 132 – The Promise of YHWY





Psalm 132 – The Promise of YHWY





Remember the hardships of David

How he swore to the Lord with a promise

That he would not give sleep to his eyes

Nor enter his own royal premise



Until he had found for the Lord

A place where His presence could rest

A house for the Spirit of YHWY

A Home for the one ever blessed



It was heard in the birthplace of David

We found it in the fields of Jaar

Let us go to His dwelling place daily

Let us worship at the foot of our Lord



Arise, O Lord, and find slumber

You and the ark of Your might

Let Your priests be proper and righteous

For the sake of Your servant, send light



The Lord swore to David His promise

From which He will never turn back

“One of the sons of your body

Will rule and will never find lack”



“If your sons remain true to this promise

And do not forsake in return,

Their sons will also find favor

And will rule by the lessons they’ve learned



For the Lord has chosen great Zion

To dwell in and find His own rest

Forever He’ll dwell with His people

And provide so that all are well blessed



“Her priests I will clothe with salvation

And her saints will all shout their delight

There a horn will sprout up for David

Turning darkness to glorious light.”