May 24, 2020 | Sunday School Devotion – Peter Walks on Water

Hey Sunday School Friends!


We’re getting close to the end of the School Year, and although most of you are probably doing school at home right now, it’s still nice to know that you get at least part of the Summer OFF!


Below is a short Devotion you can do with your Mom or Dad, or your Mom AND Dad after you watch the ONLINE Worship for Sunday May 24, 2020 (See the information above to watch this week’s Worship Video!)


Sunday School Devotion for May 24, 2020


Today we’re watching a story about Peter Walking on Water!  Sometimes the world can be a scary place.  Sometimes things go the way we plan, and sometimes things happen that we can’t control – like the virus that is making everyone stay home right now to stay safe.  And that can make us scared about the future, and wonder what might happen next.  But today we’re going to see that even in the scariest times, we can ALWAYS put our hope and trust in Jesus, because Jesus will ALWAYS take care of us, no matter what!  All we have to do is trust Him!  (If you want, you can get a paper cup and any sturdy metal can to use in the activity below)


What are some things that scare people?  (Spiders, the dark, deep water, tall heights, big dogs)

Can we do anything about these things? (Not really, we can try to avoid them, but sometimes we can’t)

If we get scared, how can Jesus help us? (Remind us He is with us, that He loves us, and that He is ALWAYS in control)


(Get the Paper Cup and Metal Can and put them on the floor next to each other)


Which of these two things looks stronger – the paper cup or the can?

(The Can)

What do you think would happen if you tried to stand on the Paper Cup?

(It would squish)

What do you think would happen if you tried to stand on the Can?

(It would hold me up)


Let’s try it…

Stand on the cup.  What happened? (It squished)

Stand on the can.  What happened? (It held me up)


If you needed something to stand on to reach higher, and the cup and the can both claimed they could hold you up, which would you trust to stand on, the cup or the can? (The can)

Why would you trust the can more than the cup? (Because I tried both and I know the can will hold me up!)


In our story today Jesus told Peter that if he stepped out of the boat to meet Jesus he would be able to walk on water!  Even though it was scary, let’s see if Peter trusted Jesus to take care of him…


Let’s watch the Story about “Peter Walks on Water” – Click the link to see the video:


When Peter got out of the boat He believed Jesus, and he was able to walk on the water.  Like the strong can, Jesus was able to hold Peter up even on a stormy sea.  When Peter got scared he stopped trusting Jesus and he started to sink.  Like trying to stand on a paper cup, Peter was not strong enough to do this on his own.  But even when Peter stopped trusting Jesus, Jesus still saved him.


Some of the promises Jesus makes to us are:

  • He will always love us, no matter what.
  • He will always forgive us when we ask Him.
  • He will teach us how we can love each other like He loves us.
  • He will never leave us or forsake us.
  • He will watch over us and take care of us every day.


One Bible verse where God tells us to not be afraid is Isaiah 41:10.  Another verse is Proverbs 3:5-6 – In these verses God reminds us to always put our trust in Him.  If you want, you can get a Bible and read these verses together!



One way we can trust Jesus is to pray about things that concern us!  Sometime this week, think of a friend or family member you know who might be scared because they are sick, or hurt, or struggling right now.  Pray with your family that they would trust Jesus to take care of them and give them everything they need.  After you say the prayer, you can send them a note or a card to let them know that you prayed for them, and that they can trust Jesus to take care of them!


Say this Prayer together: Dear Jesus, thank You for always being with us and taking care of us.  Help us to remember that You are with us, even when we are scared!  In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.


Look for a new Sunday School Devotion next week!!


Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!


Mr. K


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