May 26, 2022 | Psalm 2 – Why, When, Where, How and What

Psalm 2 – Why, When, Where, How and What

Why do the nations keep raging?

Why do the people still plot?

Why do they turn ‘round against Him,

The God who gave them their lot?


When will they see the true picture?

When will their passions be quenched?

When will they hear their God calling,

If their hands in defiance are clenched?


Where is their anger directed?

Where will they find hope to mend?

Where will their fast fury take them,

When its God they forsake in the end?


How can the world be united?

How can the rabble be saved?

How will the world find it’s refuge,

After how it has sadly behaved?


What is the answer their seeking?

What will their misery give?

What pieces will finally be fastened,

That show God is their reason to live?