May 31, 2020 | Sunday School Devotion – Love Like Jesus

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It’s the end of May and Summer is right around the corner.  I’m so excited for Summer to start, it’s been so cold and rainy this Spring, I could really use some Summer sunshine!  I hope that soon you will be able to spend some time with your family outside in God’s beautiful creation!!


Below is a short Devotion you can do with your Mom or Dad, or your Mom AND Dad after you watch the ONLINE Worship for Sunday May 31, 2020 (See the information above to watch this week’s Worship Video!)


Sunday School Devotion for May 31, 2020


Today we’re watching a story about The Sermon on the Mount – Learning to Love Like Jesus!  There are all kinds of things that we can do with our lives.  We have a million choices every day of how we will spend our time, and what kinds of things we want to do with what God has given us.  One of the most important things Jesus ever told His disciples was the single most important thing He wanted them to remember and do every day – learn how to love each other the way Jesus loved them!  (If you want, you can get a scissors and some paper and cut out three hearts – small, medium, and large – to use in the activity below)


Make a list of five things that you REALLY love!  (Ice Cream, Swimming, Video Games, your Dog or Cat, your Family, Other Ideas?)

Do you love all of these things the same, or some more than others? (Some more than others)

Let’s do a little comparing to see…


(Get the three paper hearts and lay them on a table in front of you in any order)

Each of these hearts shows a different amount of love:

Small Heart – Small Sized Love

Medium Heart – Medium Sized Love

Large Heart – Big Sized Love


Go through your list and for each thing point to the heart that shows how much you love it!

(Ice Cream – Swimming – Video Games – Dog or Cat – Family – Other things you thought of)

Which thing on your list got the biggest heart? (Hopefully Family!)


If God was playing this game with you, and you asked Him to point to the heart that showed how much Jesus loves you, do you think any of these hearts would be big enough to show Jesus’ love? (no!)


How big of a heart would you need to make to show how much Jesus loves you? (A Humongous Heart!)


Jesus wants us to to love each other with the same love He has for us (A Humongous Love!)  Let’s see how much Jesus loves us, and just what that kind of love looks like:


Watch the Story about “The Sermon on the Mount – Learning to Love Like Jesus”

– Click the link to see the video:


The most loving thing Jesus ever did for us was to give up His own life for our sake, when He died on the cross so that all of our sins could be forgiven, and we would be able to live with Him forever in Heaven!  That’s a pretty BIG LOVE!


One Bible verse where God tells us how much He loves us is John 3:16.  Another verse is John 13:34-35.  If you want, you can get a Bible and read these verses together!



Jesus said the most important thing we can do is to love each other the same way that Jesus loves us.  There are lots of ways to show Jesus’ love to people – share a toy, give a hug, help with chores, give food for hungry people, write a card or a note to a friend.  Pick ONE THING this week that you want to do to show Jesus’ love to somebody, then do it!


Say this Prayer together: Dear Jesus, thank You for loving us so much that You were willing to give up Your life so we could be a part of Your family.  Help us learn to love each other the way You love us!  In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.


Here’s a special BONUS VIDEO you can watch where Jesus reminds us to Love One Another!


Look for a new Sunday School Devotion next week!!


Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!


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