May 31, 2022 | Psalm 4 – I Will Put My Trust In You

When I’m crying, hear my call

When in distress be Lord of all

When I sing, Lord hear my ceaseless praise

Fill me up with endless joy

Evil deeds help me avoid

Help me make it to the end of days


When I fall, please help me up

When I’m thirsty fill my cup

When I’m angry sooth my mortal pain

When I’m silent help me speak

Saying, Lord, it’s You I seek

Take me in Your loving arms again


When I’m sad Lord, lift my head

When I’m hungry keep me fed

When I stumble give me strength to rise

When I lay my head to sleep

Praying Lord my soul to keep

May my dreams be ones you recognize


When I’m hurting. Fill my mind

With every comfort you can find

When I’m friendless be my staff and stay

Keep me from all wicked things

Focused on the peace you bring

Praising you in all my words and ways


I will put my trust in you

Trusting you to see me through

In your light I’ll find my path again

In your holy light I’ll shine

Living faith forever mine

Knowing you will guide me in the end