December 5, 2021 | Matthew 1:18-25


Bible Study Questions – Matthew 1:18-25


What is Joseph’s place in the genealogy of Jesus? Verse 16  Why is he referred to as Joseph son of David (20b)?


Before the problem arose (Mary’s pregnancy), what might have been the hopes and dreams of Mary and Joseph?


How was God keeping his promises and working out his purpose through this? Genesis 3:15; Luke 1:32-35; Hebrews 4:14,15


When Joseph found his fiancee pregnant–not by him–what would be his natural response? Verse 19


What was evidently the custom and law? Deuteronomy 22:2021  What was his dilemma as a righteous man?


What kind of spiritual and human struggle might be involved in reaching this decision?  What does this show about his spiritual priorities?


What word of God came to Joseph as he struggled spiritually about this matter?


What shows him to be a godly man? Matthew 5:8  How did God use him?


What was to be the name of Mary’s baby? What does this name mean? How does this fulfill prophecy?  Isaiah 53:5


What does this tell us about God’s purpose in sending the Messiah? About mankind’s real problem?


What is Jesus’ other name? Verse 23  What does this mean? How does this fulfill prophecy? Isaiah 7:14


Think about the what meaning of “God with us” meant to Abraham Genesis 12:2-3; Hebrews 11:11. How did “God with us” give him hope? How does it give us hope?


Think about the meaning of “God with us” to the people of Israel. What was his purpose? Exodus 19:56 When and how was God with them? Matthew 1:17; Isaiah 43:2 What did it mean personally to Matthew that Jesus was God with him? Matthew 9:9-13; 6:33


Read Isaiah 9:6. What does it mean that Immanuel God came into this world as a baby? What does this verse tell us about the meaning of Immanuel God to each of us?