January 22, 2023 | Matthew 4:12-25






Bible Study – Matthew 4:12-25



Why was John the Baptist arrested? Luke 3:15-20


Why did Jesus withdraw into Galilee? Vs.13-16; Isaiah 9:1-2


Explain the light. Job 25: 3, 33: 28-30; Psalm 18:28, 36:9; Isaiah 60:1-3; John 1:1-9 , 3:18-21, 8:12, 9:1-5, 12:35-36; Ephesians 5:1-8; 1 John 2:8-11


In verse 17 we hear Jesus’ first words of ministry, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand?” why are these words familiar?  Matthew 3:1-2


What is the Kingdom of Heaven? Luke 17:20-21; John 18:36; Revelation 11:15


What does Daniel 7 say about God’s kingdom? Do you think there is any connection between the kingdom Christ preached and the kingdom in Daniel 7? Daniel 7: 13-14, 26-27


Why is it significant that Jesus would start His ministry in a region that is habituated by both Jews and Gentiles (it was called Galilee of the Gentiles)?


To verse 4:16 we read the first part of Matthew’s Gospel. Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs says the first part anticipates the ending in 3 ways. How so? Matthew 1:22-23(28:20), Vss. 12-16 (28:16-20), Matthew 3:17 (Matthew 26:63-64, 27:40, 43, 54)


Who were the four fishermen called to follow Jesus? Vss. 18, 21, Matthew 10:1-2 Why do you think they left the only life they ever knew “immediately?” (The Greek emphasizes the hastiness of their leaving and the abandonment of their nets) Matthew 10:37


The four did not volunteer, they were “called,” what the difference? How does this show us how we should follow God’s call?


Jesus calls them that they are called to be “Fishers of men.” Why does he use this phrase? Jeremiah 16: 14-18; Matthew 13:47-50


What is to be their bait?


What did Jesus’ ministry include besides preaching? How did these activities fulfill prophecy about the kingdom? Isaiah 29:18-19; 35:4-6; 42:6-9; 61:1.


What do you learn about being a disciple or follower of Christ in Matthew? What demands does Jesus make on your life?


How In what sense does Jesus call you to be a fisher of men?