November 7, 2021 | Mark 5:21-43


Bible Study Questions – Mark 5:21-43

Look at the structure of these two stories. The story of Jairus (verses 21-24 and 35-43) “bookends” or “sandwiches” the story of the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years (verses 25-34). Why did the Mark intertwine these two stories of very different, desperate people who encountered Jesus in the crowd?


What insights and observations can you make about despair, hopelessness, faith, and Jesus from the two stories in this passage?


What do you learn about the obstacles to faith through the reaction of the disciples, the men who told Jairus his daughter was dead, and the mourners?


Jairus seems to have walked right through the crowd. How was that possible?


What do you think Jairus, the distraught father, was thinking and feeling when Jesus was distracted and delayed by this woman in the crowd who touched His cloak and then was healed?


Why was Jesus unconcerned about the delay?


Name another time when Jesus delayed healing someone that resulted in death. Did He delay for a reason in either case?


Why does Jesus insist on knowing who touched Him in the crowd? Did He not know the answer? What was the result of this question? For the woman? For the crowd? For the disciples?


How must the woman have felt suffering through this illness for 12 years and what might she have learned in that time?


Why do you feel she thought she had to sneak up on Jesus?


Compare and contrast the way Jairus and the woman approach Jesus for healing in the midst of their desperate situations. Why the difference?


Why did Jesus tell Jarius not to tell others about his daughter’s miracle, yet wanted the woman to publicly acknowledge that she had been healed by touching Jesus?