October 7, 2022 | Psalm 59 – Save Me


Psalm 59 – Save Me



Deliver me from my enemies

Protect me from my foes

Defend me from the evil ones

Save me from their blows



In sin they lie in wait for me

With wrath they stir up strife

Without justice they find fault in me

With haste they seek my life



Awake, my Lord, and meet me

See with ready eyes

Rouse Yourself so You can see

Give sentence as You rise



They howl like rabid dogs in pens

They prowl at city gates

They bellow with their mouths open

Their words proclaiming hate



But You, O Lord, are faithful

You hold the nations firm

Your steadfast love is plentiful

Your triumph to confirm



Kill the evil everywhere

With power bring them down

Shield us from our own despair

Search until they’re found



I’ll sing of strength unrivaled

I’ll cry with love towards You

I’ll safely dwell unspoiled

I know Your love is true