October 9, 2022 | Luke 17:11-19






Bible Study Questions – Luke 17:11-19





Where was Jesus going? Which border was he travelling along?


Think about the day when these 10 men realized they had been afflicted with leprosy. What kind of thoughts do you think crossed their minds regarding the future of themselves and their family? Leviticus 13:45-46


The border between Samaria and Galilee is about 35-40 miles from the cities where Jewish priests used to dwell. Think of various reasons why Jesus didn’t heal these men right away, but sent them far away instead?


Why did Jesus send them to see the priests? Leviticus 13:2 – 14:32 (skim together)


What made these men start this difficult journey, even though they hadn’t been healed yet? Would you call these ten men believers or non-believers at the moment they set out on their journey?


Why do you think only one returned to thank Jesus? What’s up with the other nine? Think of as many reasons as possible why the nine Jews didn’t come back to thank Jesus. John 9:19-33



Why was Jesus disappointed about the nine not returning to him?



Do you think you have ever disappointed Jesus by similar behavior as these nine men showed?



Do you think that the one leper disobeyed Jesus by turning back? Why or why not?



Why, in your opinion, would a “foreigner” like this Samaritan be more thankful than the (Jewish) true people of God?  Why might gratitude be more readily found in those who are marginalized? Isaiah 66:5



How does Jesus’ response validate or invalidate the leper’s spontaneous return to give thanks?



What was the added benefit of the one that did return? What do you think is the difference between “well” and “cleansed”?



What is our modern day leprosy? In our culture what is a group of people that may not be easily received by the church?


What specific actions could you take to make those people feel welcomed as they seek the Lord?



What is the difference between the faith that seeks healing and the faith that seeks Jesus himself?