September 13, 2022 | Psalm 45 – Majesty



Psalm 45 – Majesty




My heart overflows with a pleasing theme

My lips address the king

My pen writes true like a ready scribe

My soul made ready to sing


You are the most handsome of the sons of men

Grace is found on your lips

God has blessed you forever, never to end

Your sword forever on your hips.


In majesty you ride in victory

You ride for truth and light

Your arrows are sharp, your people made ready

To take up a most worthy fight


Your throne, O God, is stationed forever

Your scepter in righteousness wields

You anoint your Son with blessings of oil

Your touch on Him covered and sealed


Your robes filled with smells of aloe and myrrh

Music from palaces near

Daughters of Kings among those seeking you

A queen with gold from Ophir.


Hear O daughter, incline your ear

Forget your father’s gain

Bow to him now and seek his favor

Your beauty to always remain


The princess is wrapped in clothing of gold

In color she’s led to the king

With virgin companions she makes her way

Together they dance and they sing


In place of your fathers shall be your sons

Made princes throughout all the earth

Their name remembered forever and ever

Their glory bestowed at their birth