September 20, 2022 | Psalm 49 – All I’ll Ever Need



Psalm 49 – All I’ll Ever Need



Rise ears, raise voices, rich and poor alike

Hear wisdom, sing praises. Let sounds of lyre take flight.

No fear, no trembling, when evil circles close

Just trust and faith in works of Heavenly Host


No ransom, no price, for life that’s Godly given

No cost, no sum can claim someone forgiven

They die, they perish, those filled with foolish hope

Their escape, their rescue, forever found remote


No direction, no path for men who self-rely

Like sheep, like cattle, they find no place to hide

In death, in sorrow, with Hell their eternal home

The upright, the moral their masters from now on


My God, my rescue, has ransomed me from hell

No fright, no panic shall ever more repel

No greed, no craving shall ever follow me

My Savior, My Redeemer is all I’ll ever need.