September 23, 2022 | Psalm 52 – Steadfast Love



Psalm 52 – Steadfast Love – Lyrics




Why are so many prepared to brag for the evil they have done in the world?

Why can’t they see the rich love of God and the power of His grace unfurled?

Why do they speak with dark tongues of hate that focus on lies and deceit?

Why can’t they trust the power of God to conquer all the trials they meet?



The steadfast love of God endures His mercies are never at end

He breaks down the evil and pain in our lives, His people He always defends

Call on Him now to show you His love as you put all your trust in Him

He waits for your plea to show you the way, His love for you never grows dim.


Why are so many afraid to admit that they need more of God in their lives?

Why do they laugh at the people who say that it’s God from where all love derives?

Why do they trust in the ways of the world to protect them and help them to cope?

Why can’t they trust in God’s steadfast affection that gives to His people true hope?




Thank you dear Lord for all you have done to bring to your people new life

Thank you for giving Your Son on the cross so that all true believers survive

Thank you for showing your mercy in times that we fail to live up to your call

Thank you for being our rock and our staff and for picking us up when we fall