September 28, 2022 | Psalm 53 – God Looks Down From Heaven


Psalm 53 – God Looks Down From Heaven



God looks down from heaven,

and He gazes on the children of man

He’s looking for clues, for evidence

To see if they yet understand


He’s looking for those who seek Him

Who trust in His guidance and care.

But all that He finds is corruption

There is nothing but evil down there


The people have fallen away from their God

Together they’ve become depraved

There’s none who does good, no, not even one

Their sin has prepared them their grave


Why have they followed the world and its charms?

They call upon money and lust

They count on the world to offer them peace

They’ve forgotten in whom they should trust


Yet God keeps on searching, still looking for signs

That His people will yet turn to Him

His patience is endless, His love knows no bounds

His affection for them never dims


He still is the way the truth and the life

He wants all His people to flee

From the sin they have gotten too used to

Towards the things He’s conceived them to be


The time for His coming is nearing

But we’ve yet time to make a real change

To the lives we have found ourselves leading

Our salvation is still within range


He promises to all of His children

A freedom from death and from sin

He sent us His Son to give us the chance

To flee from the places we’ve been


So put all your trust in Jesus

He died so that we might have life

Surrender your life and trust in His love

It’s time that you give up the fight


Our Savior in heaven is waiting

He’s prepared you a place at His feet

He offers you life that’s unending

And blessings that cannot be beat.