September 30, 2022 | Psalm 55 – The Rival

Psalm 55 – The Rival




Give ear to my word and do not hide

Attend to my needs and answer me

I moan and complain, in You I confide

Because of the noise of my enemy.


My heart is in anguish from terrors of death

Fear and trembling forsake me

Grant me wings so that I may rest

Let me fly far away and be free


Destroy them, O Lord, divide up their tongues

Or violence and strife will weaken me

Day and night their curses are flung

Their sin and transgressions shown freely


It is not an enemy who taunts me this day

It is a rival who tests me

It is you, a man, my equal in all

My companion and friend who betrays me


I call out to God to save me from Him

The one who was always a friend to me

I complain and I moan and He hears from within

The petitions and cries I pray earnestly


God redeems my soul from the battle I wage

For many are now gathered ‘round me

God will give ear and humble the vain

Though They fear not his might or authority


Cast your burden and He will sustain

The righteous and those who are with me

He’ll cast down the wicked and always remain

Our Savior in times of uncertainty.