September 6, 2022 | Psalm 42 – Downcast Soul



Psalm 42 – Downcast Soul





My soul gasps for God as a deer longs for water

It thirsts to appear in His presence

My tears are my food as I long for the Father

I pour out my soul in remembrance


I long to go out with souls now adrift

And lead them to shelter in heaven

With shouts that are glad and praise that uplifts

A multitude bound for salvation


But my soul is cast down and turmoil abounds

My hope nearly lost in the fray

Yet I still remember from lands all around

My courage renewed day by day


Deep calls to deep, as water descends

Your waves have crashed over me

Each new day You ask that my love ascends

My prayers at night help me see


I ask the true Rock if I am forgotten

My enemies cause me to mourn

My bones are wounded, my enemies begotten

They tell me that You are no more


Why is my soul so utterly disparaged?

And why does my turmoil not cease?

Its hope that I seek, salvation encouraged

My praise ringing out seeking peace