September 9, 2022 | Psalm 44 – In The Days Of Old



Psalm 44 – In The Days Of Old




In the days of old Your power was shown

With Your hands you drove out the nations

The fury of right hand was well made known

Your left still affects generations


You are the Great King, You push down Your foes

You battle while fools rise against You

I trust in Your sword and Your skill with a bow

You defend all of those who are true


Yet You reject and disgrace us and side with our rivals

You have made us turn back from the fight

Like sheep among slaughter we flee from the evil

And scatter like slaves taking flight


You’ve made us a byword, a disgrace to the tongue

And dishonor has enveloped our being

All day long faced with shame as insults are flung

The enemies attack ever nearing


All of this even though we’ve remained unstained

And have not been false to our promises

Our hearts have stayed true and our commitment remains

Yet you’ve put us in chains and in harnesses


If we’ve forgotten Your name or worshipped another

You would know of our unfaithful acts

Yet each day we are killed, a lamb to the slaughter

The weight of shame on our backs


Awake! O Lord why do You slumber

Rise to defend those tormented

In anguish we bow to no one other

With love save the faithful repentant