December 19, 2021 | Luke 1:1-25


To whom did Luke write this Gospel and what other book was also included? Verse 1-4, Acts 1:1


Name some of the things “accomplished among us” spoken of in verse 1. 2 Timothy 4:5


What was the reason Luke give for writing this book and what does this tell you about Luke? Verse 4; 2 Peter 1:16


Why do you think Luke chose to start His Gospel by telling the story of the birth of John the Baptist?


Describe Zacharias and his wife (name at least 4 facts for each). Verses 5-7


What is meant by Zacharias and Elizabeth being “righteous before God”? How can human beings be righteous – “faultless” or “sinless” – in the wider sense?


God has a history of working through barren women. Name some others and explain why you think He does this? Verse 7; Genesis 21:1-3, 30:22-24; 1 Samuel 1:19-20


Zechariah was a priest. What do you know about the duty of priests in this time?


What did burning incense on the altar or incense symbolize?


Why did Zechariah’s “fear” when he saw the angel? Acts 19:16-17


Why do you think God made an angelic announcement to Zechariah and later to Mary?


What is “strong drink” and why do you think it was so important for John to avoid it, so important that the angel would make a special request of it?


What does John being “filled with the Holy Spirit even from his mother’s womb” indicate? What is this telling us about abortion?


Describe what it means to go before God in the spirit and power of Elijah. John 3:28


What will Zacharias’ son do to be “great in the sight of the Lord”?


What was so wrong with Zechariah’s statement in verse 18? Genesis 17:17


Why do you think His punishment was to remain mute until his son was born?


How did the people realize that Zechariah had seen a vision?


What type of husband returned to Elizabeth? In what ways do you think Zechariah had changed?


Why do you think Elizabeth hid herself for five months?


Is it true that the Lord made Elizabeth pregnant with John the Baptist “to take away [her] disgrace among people”? If not, why do you think this statement was included in Scripture?