October 2, 2022 | Luke 17:1-10






Bible Study Questions – Luke 17:1-10



Are temptations sin in themselves? Explain


How is Jesus’ statement about temptation different than what some Christians believe today? Do you believe that you are tempted to sin?


Who is the “one through whom (temptations) come?” Matthew 18:7, Luke 22:21-22


Read Luke 22:40; 1Thessalonians 3:5; 1 Corinthians 10:13; 2Timothy 2:22; James 4:7. How do these passages encourage us to battle temptation?


What could be worse than having a millstone hung around your neck and be thrown into the sea? Matthew 18:6 Is this a warning for only those who teach or for every believer?


At the end of verse 2, the word translated “sin” in the ESV is better translated from Greek “stumble.” How does that change the reading for you?


Why does Jesus tell His people to Pay attention to themselves before He tells them to rebuke and forgive others in verse 3?


What is the best way to rebuke a fellow Christian? Leviticus 19:17. What does it mean to reason frankly? Have you ever had to do this?


What does it mean to have true repentance vs. worldly grief? What does true repentance look like?


What are the apostles responding to in verse 5? Why do you think that they needed more faith?


Why is it important to forgive repeatedly? Why is this a command? Matthew 6:14-15, 18:21-22. Why do many find this commandment especially hard to obey?


Is Jesus being literal in verse 6? Matthew 17:20 (notice no verse 21)


What part does faith play in Christianity and why do we battle with it so much?


Why is faith impossible to grow on our own, apart from the work of the Holy Spirit?


In verse 8, what is the answer to this question? Is what the master asks unreasonable or out of line? What would be the expectation of the servant? What has this to do with our relationship with our heavenly Father?


Does the master thank the servant for doing his duty? Should we expect some great reward for doing what we have been commanded?


Why should we count ourselves unworthy even to be a slave to Christ? Job 22:2-9, 35:7-12; Matthew 25:30; Romans 11:34-36


If you were to give an answer, what would be your answer to the question, what is your duty as a child of God?”