September 29, 2022 | Psalm 54 – Save Me O Lord

Psalm 54 – Save Me O Lord




Save me O Lord. I am drowning, give ear to my words so true.

The world and its charms, are fickle and harm, the bond that I cherish with You


I ask by Your name that you save me, to uphold me with all of Your might

For evil has laid the life that you made, foul in my enemy’s sight


Strangers have risen against me, ruthless men now seek my life

They have never known the grace that you’ve shown, instead they praise conflict and strife


But you, O Lord, are my Savior, my Rock in whom I can trust

You encourage my soul and make my life whole, free from anger and lust


I surrender my life and my passions, I give thanks to Your name, O Lord

You saved me from shame and gave me Your name, no longer will you be ignored.